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Minutes of KCC meeting 17th October 2022

Kirkcowan Community Council

Minutes of meeting held at 7:30pm on Monday 17th October 2022

1. Attended: –  Committee:  – Hazel Johnston (HJ), Mary Harkness (MH), John Drysdale (JD), Robert Drysdale (RD), Kevin Dean (KD), Hazel McWhirter (HMc), Richard Marsh (RM), Tricia Veevers (TV), Mary McKenzie (MMc) and Andrew Gladstone (AG).

Public: – David Inglis (Councillor), Mary Murdoch, Debbie McBain, Jim Rae, Louise Willows, Kate Hanlon, Les Mercer, Sue Sale, Mike Sale, Liz Edwards, David Edwards, Charles McEwan, Gillian Kent

2. Apologies: – Katie Hagmann (Councillor).

3. Minutes of last meeting: – Approved JD, seconded RM.

4. Police matters: – No fireworks before 6pm or after 11pm. On the 5th none before 6pm or after 12 midnight.

5. Treasurer’s report: –No.1 account £46.30, No. 2 account £65,811.02. Outgoings £78.50, income £258.30.

6. Correspondence: – The DumGal Community Safety Officer will be outside the Old Bank on Victoria Street from 10:00am to 1:00pm on 1st November    

7. Planning: –Planning permission received for CC notice boards. Shared Rural Network in partnership with EE, O2, Three and Vodafone seeking planning permission for 2 masts, one at Glenwhilly and one at Eldrig Fell, Balminoch for 4G coverage.

8. KCDT report for meeting on 27th September: –

A number of items were briefly discussed – Hall; PO/shop; KCDT Newsletter to be sent out soon; the Park development; proposed youth group has only received a few responses; KCDT website to be updated. Winter Fuel Allowance – on application all permanent households can receive £200 grant.  

The Trust AGM will be held at the Hall on 28th October.

Some people hadn’t yet received their notification and proxy vote forms, and there are admin errors.

9Beetle Drive: – KD thanked the committee for their help at the Beetle drive; it was enjoyed by all and raised £169.80 for KCC funds.

10. KCC Halloween Party and Pumpkin Trail :– PTA to organise games for the children. KCDT has provided the funding. The Hall will be decorated at 7:30 on Thursday 26th October.

11. Remembrance Sunday Ceremony: – To be held on 13th November after the church service i.e. approx 10:30, the wreath will be laid by JD.

12. Christmas Tree Lights: – On 3rd December at 6:30 pm the lights will be switched on RM to ask if the church choir can attend. JD to decorate the tree. A white star to be ordered by HJ.

13. Machars Action: – The Machars Observer Sept/Oct edition was distributed by KD. MMc to e-mail Machars Action to include lights switch on in the next edition.

14. KCC projects: – The footpaths are completed apart from bits and pieces. Tarmac is to be laid outside the gate opposite Oldland, this can be paid for with monies from the contingency plan budget. Mary Murdoch asked if a fence could be put up to deter cattle but allow sheep to graze.

      AG said tenant farmer not wanting a fence as he would lose land and AG couldn’t compel him.

      Disability standards to be explored after a complaint that the paths do not comply with new legislation. (Louise Willows, Kate Hanlon and Debbie McBain)

      MH will find out what the legislation states. Jim Rae commented that the post at Wellhouse entrance to the railway path needs attention and that the ditch a Barhoise burn is dangerous and needs deeper set drainage pipes. AG will get the workmen to re-sink the drainage pipes. Jim Rae and AG will meet to discuss what needs to be done. Maybe a handrail at the bridge.

      HJ will chase up the paving flags purchase for the corner garden.

15. Village Hall: – Waiting for the lease application form from D&G Council.

      The AGM will be on 17th November. Membership forms available from Hall Trustees and at the Post Office. New members joining now will not be able to attend the AGM as membership applications go before the Board at a Board meeting – not one now until December.

      It was asked if anything could be done about the smell in the gents and that only a short time was spent by the cleaner. MH to chase

      The Flower Show in September was very successful.


a) Kate Hanlon expressed her dismay at the amount of fuel payment saying that people were struggling with heating bills and the payment should be increased. Kate was informed that £200 was to remain because of the £400 government subsidy and stated that last winter only £53,000 was claimed although £59,000 was allocated.  The chair said that she should write to them and bring it up at the Trust AGM. The chair would also inform the Trust of Kate’s dissatisfaction. Debbie McBain said it was a major priority to take to the Trust, she was advised to put it in writing to the Trust. David Inglis intervened and told the meeting that it was not a matter to be discussed at the community council but at the Trust.

b) KD will raise the flag from 6th to 14th/15th November for Armistice and on 29th for St Andrews day.

c) KD will complete the SouthWest Trans Consultation survey form as an interested party.

d) The council roads dept: will be asked to tidy up to verge on Newton Stewart Road from the 30    mph sign to the first house.

e) Light on the stairs at the hall is not working, the security light will be reported to DumGal by Mary H.

Meeting closed at 8:40 pm

KCDT Grant Applications:
Autumn Club, now registered as a charity with SCIO, is applying for funds to engage a solicitor to assist transfer of Title Deeds to the club.
KCC support the transfer from defunct organisation, but felt that more information was needed.