Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

Minutes of KCC meeting 18th April 2022

Draft Minutes

Present: Hazel Johnston (Chair), Hazel McWhirter (Treasurer), Andrew Gladstone, Kevin Dean, Tricia Veevers, Mary Mackenzie (Minutes), John Drysdale, Richard Marsh, Robert Drysdale, D Edwards, E McMillan, M Murdoch, C McEwan

  1. Chairperson, H Johnson welcomed everyone.
  2. Apologies: M Harkness (Secretary)
  3. Minutes of March meeting (21/3/2022):
    Matters arising: K Dean – Add surname ‘Gray’ to ‘Catherine’ mentioned in KCDT report. Why were Minutes so late? Apologies from M Mackenzie, intending to resign from taking Minutes.
    Minutes accepted: proposed by H McWhirter, and seconded by J Drysdale
  4. Police Matters: No Police present. H Johnston summarised the Report:
    a) Disturbance at 3 Lochs – male charged with threatening behaviour.
    b) ‘Happy Dogs, Happy Home’ an initiative by the Dogs Trust, offering guidance to people who are preparing to leave their dogs at home alone for longer periods.
    c) Counter Terrorism Policing: anyone witnessing, or subjected to, war crimes in Ukraine can report to UK police, including digital media evidence. Visit police website.
  5. Treasurers Report:  H McWhirter Account no.1 has £11.30  |  Account no.2  has £68,229.76
    Outgoings: £2,220 for digger work on railway line  |  Income : CREPL fund grant £2,605.70 Remaining balance available:  £2,989.76
  6. Correspondence:   H Johnston
    a) Invite from Royal British Legion to take part in ‘Best Kept War Memorial’ competition. Decision taken to decline.
    b) C Lochrie at Machars Action enquiring about status of proposed car park at the Glebe, after seeing new fencing. This was discussed over many KCC meetings and decided against, in favour of a footpath, which is now being created.
    c) DGC Notification of road works in the area.
  7. Local Planning Applications: None locally
  8. KCDT Meeting on 22/03/2022: H Johnston
    Mostly discussed the Park and how to speed up progress | An update on footpath works was provided | Job interviews for Development Officer took place in March. A question was raised about when and where the vacancy was advertised. HJ will enquire at next Trust meeting.
  9. Co-opting additional members of KCC:
    Any new members have to be nominated by an existing member and accepted by 2/3 of total committee. The name and address, and the proposer have to be recorded in the Minutes. So, Robert Drysdale, 7 Meadow Park, Kirkcowan, DG8 0HF was nominated by Kevin Dean and accepted by all members present. Welcome to KCC as of the next meeting, which will be the AGM in May.
  10. Footpaths Completion Schedule: A Gladstone
    Work has been progressing, but workmen currently busy elsewhere. Access has been created, but gates are yet to be installed. Hoping to complete first phase soon. Will assess how well the present contractors have performed before moving on to path extensions next year.
  11. CREPL Fund Application: H Johnston
    This money (£2,605.70) has been received, following a grant application being submitted for new benches and paving for the small corner garden, plus insurance for the generator. Once these have been bought, KCC can apply for 2nd grant for the works to be done. Quotations have so far been asked for from 2 local businesses. This site does not belong to DGHP as previously thought, R Lowther at DGC will have to give approval. This may take some time.
  12. Jubilee Event: H Johnson
    An open meeting was held on Tuesday 29th March in the Hall to find out what sort of event is wanted and to encourage more participation from the community. 12 people attended and volunteered to help organise a Party in the Park on Sunday 5th June. This will include a teddy bears’ picnic, bouncy castles, tug-o-war, games and races, face painting, hog roast, local musicians, raffle for a barrow of booze, etc. A grant application was submitted to KCDT to cover all expenses, so the event will be free to attend. Another Jubilee meeting on 26th April.


Hall Update: H Johnston read out a statement from KVH management committee:
“ We met by Zoom with the Council in March to talk about the Asset Transfer which has been delayed not only for us but to a majority of Halls in the Region due to Covid. At present they keep the building wind & watertight.
M H sent in photos of the repairs that need doing as a priority & we have been promised that they will get the work started as soon as possible. So far they have repaired the flat roof at the back above the outbuilding & put a new door on the Gents toilet. We felt it was a positive meeting. We are now waiting to meet & talk with the Development Trust about the next step.
We have distributed 2 newsletters in the last 3 months & ask that if anyone has any questions with regards to anything related to the Hall, would they please put it in writing & leave at the PO or email

Noticeboards: Awaiting permissions from DGC to erect these at the Hall and in the Park.

Resilience Planning: Also waiting for guidance from DGC.

Plaque for Queens Green Canopy tree: This was decided at previous meeting – stainless steel plaque attached to a granite plinth.  Cost approximately £95.

New Xmas street lights: KCDT have agreed in principle to fund these. Committee are to look at online catalogues and suggest which designs to choose. A number of permissions & checks are required to ensure electricity supply, safety and costs.

Census forms: reminder that these should be submitted by 1st May

Litter Pick: Volunteers are needed to gather litter from the roadsides from the village towards Wigtown and Newton Stewart. Meet at the Church on Sunday 24th April at 2pm. Hi-vis vests, picking sticks & bags provided by DGC

Flag raised: by K Dean for Queen’s Birthday on 21st April

The Notices for the AGM: have to be made public 14 days in advance.

Minutes Secretary: M Mackenzie resigning as of AGM, so need to find replacement. KCC can pay someone if necessary. Ask for a volunteer on FB, or previous Minute Secretaries?

The next meeting of KCC (rescheduled AGM) will be on Monday 16th May 2022 at 7.30pm

The Meeting closed at 8.30pm

KCDT Grant Applications: (considered by KCC without public input or comments)

1) Jubilee Event
Application submitted on 5th April by KCC for £3,000 to cover costs of organising a free community event in the Park to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee.
KCC approved

2) Marquee for Kirkcowan events
Following discussion about the Jubilee event, the committee decided that it would be a worthwhile investment for a Marquee to be purchased by KCC, which would then be available for other Kirkcowan events. A 5m x 10m marquee was chosen at a cost of £499. H Johnston will submit an application form for tomorrow’s KCDT meeting.
KCC approved

Mary Mackenzie (Minutes Secretary)