Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

Minutes of KCC meeting 18th December 2023

Kirkcowan Community Council Meeting on Monday 18th December 2023, at 7.30pm, in Kirkcowan Village Hall

1. Council Members present – Hazel Matthews (Chair), Hazel McWhirter (Treasurer), Mary Harkness (Secretary), John Drysdale, Robert Drysdale, Andrew Gladstone, Kevin Dean, Mary Mackenzie
Public present – Jon Kent, Lynne Dalglish, David Edwards, Liz McMillan, Jim Rae, Kath Googe (Minute Sec)

Apologies for absence – none

2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
The minutes had been circulated previously. One correction – the Saltire had been flown on St Andrews day, not the Union Jack. Hazel McWhirter proposed to accept, seconded by Kevin Dean. Minutes approved as accurate.

3. Police Report
Police Scotland not present. Report received stating no incidents in Kirkcowan. Main message to public was to be aware of the risks of online gaming.

4. Notified Public Concerns
Kirkcowan Rainbows wish to replace the rotted bench in the church grounds with a new one to celebrate 100 years of Girl Guiding in Kirkcowan. The existing bench is not known to have any sponsor who would object.

5. Reports and Updates

Treasurers Report:

Outgoings:  Jim Kevan – bulb planting                                           £50.00
                  H. Matthews – Selection boxes                               £90.00            
Kirkcowan Hall fees                                                       £30.00
                  Transfer funds – Kirkcowan Community Bingo            £831.92
                   Community Heartbeat Defibrillator Service                £163.00

Income:                                                                                              £0.00

Totals:     Business a/c £ 1,359.43                     Treasurers a/c £ 18,485.17

KCDT Report:

  • Winter fuel grants from Windfarm moneys have all been paid out.
  • The planning application for alterations to the Park have been advertised and is available to view on the D&G website –
  • KCDT to send out information packs for AGMs by email, to save postage.

Planning – sole application this month – KCDT for alterations to Park.

Jenna Morra Wood

  • Trees have been taken down along the riverside where a path is being created. A digger will be needed to grade the path, and a bridge constructed over one burn. It was agreed that this should be constructed with pressure treated wood.
  • People have been observed taking felled wood away for their own use, and when challenged have said they have permission. No permission has been given and all wood from felling and clearing is to be left in the wood.

6. Elected Members Report
No report received, and no councillor present.

7. Correspondence

  • D&G Council will be inspecting the safety of gravestones in the cemetery from 15th January. Unsafe headstones will be laid flat. Where possible the lair holder will be contacted.
  • The Machars Foodbanks are appealing for donations over Christmas.
  • Resilience -D&G Council have issued guidance on what households should keep ready in the event of an emergency. Leaflets are available, also this can be found on their website.
  • Potholes, several more have been reported to the Roads Department.
  • Windfarms – proposed Blair windfarm, Arecleoch and Kilgallioch will be contacting councils in the New Year to publicise and inform about their planned applications.
  • Ballgreen Football Ground. D&G are changing how they assess properties for rates. From 2025 the ground may be liable for Rates. (It does not belong to KCC)
  • Corner Garden.  A small group of residents are willing to produce a design and plan for replanting the corner garden with shrubs or small trees, spring and autumn bulbs, once the current groundworks, patio, pergola and stone dyke are complete.  After some disagreement, the CC agreed that a design, some costings and list of plants should be produced for the February meeting.

8.  Santa’s Costume
There is a Santa costume available. The main user is the school. It is cared for by Fiona Harris.

9.  Gate at village end of Glebe Footpath
The gate has been frequently found fastened shut with cable ties, boulders etc in the past few weeks by an individual who objects to the clang as it shuts.  There was no problem in the first 8 months since it was installed.  A CC member will attempt to silence the gate latch with some rubber tubing.  Gates were installed to prevent children running into the road at the each end of the field walk.

Residents are requested to bring problems concerning them to the KCC and not take matters into their own hands.

10. Any Other Competent Business

  • Lynne Dalglish will arrange another scarecrow trail/competition next year. First Bank Holiday weekend in May was agreed.
  • Request by Jim Rae for another planning meeting for the development of Jenna Morra Wood. AG is working there Saturday mornings, and welcomes assistance. The suggestion will be put to the next KCDT meeting.
  • Street lights not working – outside 9 St Couans Place and outside 48 Main Street.
  • Proposed meeting with representative of the Village Hall Committee. KD reminded the CC that this has not yet happened. MH to request someone attend at either the February or March KCC meeting.
  • Union Flag to fly 9th January for Princess of Wales’ birthday.  Additionally, in 2024, 6th May Coronation Day and 6th June for 80th anniversary of D Day.

The meeting closed at 20.40

Date of next meeting Monday 19/02/2024

KCDT Grant Applications:
KCC – Gates & bridge works Barhoise – Ring Farm                 £6,940.80