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Minutes of KCC meeting 19th December 2022

Minutes of Kirkcowan Community Council Meeting on Monday 19th December 2022

Committee Members present: Hazel Johnston (chair), Hazel McWhirter, John Drysdale, Robert Drysdale, Mary Harkness, Andrew Gladstone, Kevin Dean

Public present: Councillor Richard Marsh, Jim Rae, David Edwards, Kath Googe

Apologies for Absence: Tricia Veevers, Mary Mackenzie

Minutes of Last Meeting were agreed, proposed Robert Drysdale, seconded by John Drysdale.

Matters Arising
– Richard Marsh was congratulated on his being voted onto the D&G Council. He has to step down as a committee member of Kirkcowan Community Council.
– Mary Harkness will write to Vodafone regarding need for better mobile phone signal in the village.
– The selection boxes of sweets have been purchased and the school will distribute them to school age children. Boxes for pre-school children are being delivered by committee members.
– The Christmas tree lights are switched on.
– Corner Garden – There are ongoing difficulties in obtaining the required number of paving slabs.

Treasurers Report:

No 1 Account £46.30 | No 2 Account £26,023.40
Outgoings: – Community Heartbeat Defibrillator £162.00; Hazel Johnston (Halloween Party – sweets, apples, chocolates etc.) £166.88; JB Black footpaths work £39,824.04. Balance Remaining £1,905.54

Police Report:

Incidents reported in Kirkcowan CC area.
– 06Dec22 A75 Shennanton. Allegation of LGV careless driving, police investigating.
– 10Dec22 Allegation of assault received. Matter investigated.
– 13Dec22 A75 Barskeoch. One vehicle RTC. No injuries. Driver being reported for Careless Driving.
– 14Dec22 Kirkcowan. Concern for person call received. Underlying health issues -medical assistance provided. Vulnerable Person Report submitted.

– A 4-page information leaflet was provided giving details of common scams. This will be displayed on the Kirkcowan Website.


– Newton Stewart Initiative request for letter of support from KCC for their proposed taking over the Penninghame Centre for community use. Agreed.

– TSDG – regarding making Warm Hubs/Spaces available. Committee agreed the Hall not suitable, but the building housing the Autumn Club may be ideal.

David Edwards agreed to discuss this with the Autumn Club members. Some funding may be available for heating, refreshments etc.


Ashley Bank extension and 8-10 Main Street have both received planning permission.


Church Street in Stranraer is closed for the foreseeable future, while work on the Museum is carried out. A714 at Bladnoch has repair work, ongoing. Works to the Access road to Kildarroch Windfarm should soon be completed.

KCDT Report:

– The website is being developed.
– Playpark – A contractor has quoted for the work, a meeting is to be arranged to see what is included and it needs to be inclusive for children with disabilities. Robert Drysdale concerned that a committee consultation should be held to agree what is proposed is practical and if anything proposed is not wanted.
– Youth Group – So far only 4 people have expressed an interest. Agreed to revisit this in the spring of next year.


– “Paths for All” Mary Harkness has now received a response. Confirmed that new paths do not need to have hard solid surfaces and be specifically wheelchair friendly but should ideally be the least restrictive for different users.

– Gates into the Glebe Field. AG has received quotes from James Smith Fencing for the double gates directly onto the main road, and for pedestrian gates at each end of the field. After some discussion about alternative companies and options the committee agreed to proceed with the quote, with the slightly wider pedestrian gates to ensure that wheelchairs/push chairs would not be impeded. AG to action.

– Railway Path AG has arranged for the ditches around the boggy area by Barhoise burn to be deepened. This should drain the wet area. To review in a few months when the soil has dried out. If necessary some stone could be laid to form a hard path. The bridge on the railway embankment is still a hazard without any safety barrier. Agreed that AG can approach JSF to quote for this.

– Provision of benches for railway path. John Drysdale suggested that a couple of large trees due to be felled at Craighlaw could be milled and sawn by Shennanton sawmill and used for construction of rustic benches. The sawmill to be approached about this.

– Newton Stewart Road Path. The gateway into the field where the railway station was still needs to be tarmacked. Committee members suggested contacting Steve Torbet and John Donnan for quotes for the job.

– Teapot Lane Path. AG has met with Anthony Davies, who constructed the path. Agreed to set 2 cattle slats at the T junction to enable water to drain through and into the field below, under the stone dyke. To scrape the path level again, to full width removing the vegetation. To form drain holes at the foot of the stone dyke to enable water to drain away at the concrete lintels which slow down the water flow in heavy rain. Spread type 1 stone to reinstate the path. Total cost quoted £1,000 for 4 days digger work, plus £300 for more stone. Committee agreed for AG to proceed. Suggested that in future the vegetation is strimmed twice yearly.

Machars Action Report:

Kevin Dean gave a brief report on last committee meeting.

Meeting Procedures:

Training session from D&G Council as minuted last month. Request that training be offered on a Saturday. Mary H and Hazel J have visited other local community councils to learn from them how they conduct meetings.

Public Forum:

They proposed that any member of the public could in future bring a concern or suggestion in writing or email the secretary. This would become agenda item No4, starting with the February meeting. The committee members would then have prior notice of the concern, and the person would not have to wait to the end of the committee meeting to discuss their views. This proposal was agreed unanimously. Also agreed that any correspondence received by the secretary will be emailed to committee members, before the meetings and this would speed up meetings.

Any Other Business:

– The star has been put up on the church tower, thanks to Neil Adair. He wants someone else to take up this task in future. Richard Marsh volunteered to do this, but wishes for an assistant for safety. (He suggested John Drysdale.)

– A team of volunteers spread salt on the village pavements during the very recent extremely icy weather. The wheeled spreaders were not suitable, and broke. Hazel J proposed that the committee should purchase a specialised grit/salt spreader. Two options were found and it was unanimously agreed to buy 2 of the lower priced ones.

– The generator would not work when it was needed. The battery was flat and would not charge up. It had been left too long. It was agreed to ask the local garage if they could supply a suitable replacement battery. R Drysdale to arrange. An isolator switch has been added.

– Christmas Street Lights. Richard M had approached Scottish Power – had learned that wiring and a meter would be required and charged for. In view of the likely cost this had not been progressed.