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Minutes of KCC meeting 20th February 2023

Minutes of Kirkcowan Community Council meeting on Monday 20th February 2023

1. Committee Members present: Hazel Matthews (nee Johnston) – Chair, Hazel McWhirter, John Drysdale, Robert Drysdale, Mary Harkness, Andrew Gladstone, Kevin Dean, Tricia Veevers, Mary Mackenzie Public present: Cllr Richard Marsh, Cllr David Inglis, Cllr Katie Hagmann, PC Andrew Osborne, David Edwards, Liz MacMillan, Jon Kent, Kath Googe (Minute Secretary)

Apologies for Absence – none

2. Minutes of Last Meeting: The Machars Action report had been omitted, will be included. Committee approved December minutes. Proposed John Drysdale, seconded Robert Drysdale.
Matters Arising:
– Vodafone confirmed they have no plans to extend their mobile coverage in Kirkcowan. – D&G Training session for Kirkcowan Community Councillors now arranged for Saturday 11th March 10.30 in the village hall..
– Robert Drysdale is still seeking best price for replacement battery for generator.

3. Police Report Incidents reported in Kirkcowan CC area. – 4th February – 1 car road accident. Driver arrested, drink driving. – 19th February – an Incident at 3 Lochs Caravan Park. One person arrested. **Car thieves have new equipment capable of remotely cloning car keys if they are close to a door or window. Best advice to keep well away in cupboard or wrapped in metallic**.

4. Notified Public Concerns – None received.

5. Reports and Updates:

Treasurer’s Report:
No 1 account £46.30 | No 2 account £22,967.40
Income: Kirkcowan Hall – £80.00 D&G Council – £300.00 | Outgoings:Grit Spreaders – £732.00 Balance Remaining – £1,905.54

Planning: No new planning applications. Nos 33 and 35 Main Street ongoing.

Footpaths: Phase 1. Gates have now been installed from the Glebe field onto the main road. The field entrance opposite Old Land has now been tarmacked. AG intends to mow the paths where they are within fields to encourage people to use them instead of the roads. Railway path – AG has received estimates from JSF for metal parapet and railings at the bridge to prevent falls from the path. Cost £1,670+ VAT committee agreed this expense. Estimate from JSF for converting railway salt box to a seat, and provision of 2 rustic benches – 1 at Teapot Lane and 1 on viewpoint in field end of railway path. £760 Total £1,848 committee agreed this expense. Teapot Lane – remedial work to start next week. Signage for the new paths. Committee agreed that AG to commission traditional green footpath signs for each end of the newly created paths.
Phase 2. To link up paths along the river Tarff, from Thomas’s Dam to Barnearnie and also on Bladnoch from Barhoise to the stepping stones and Johnston’s Bridge. Two footbridges are needed. AG request to committee for permission to start obtaining quotes. Cllr Richard Marsh suggested contacting Sustrans for advice and possible sources of funding. AG hoping to get phase 2 actioned in 2023. Link to the plan for phase 1 and phase 2 footpaths:

Machars Action Report – Kevin Dean reported that recent meetings have had to be cancelled due to not enough board members turning up to make up a quorum. Machars Action needs to recruit more members and especially people representing the community councils who are prepared to join the board. One proposal is to form a small management board of 4 directors and have a full meeting every 3-6 months. The next meeting will be on 21st February at 1pm.

KCDT Report: Kirkcowan Community Development Trust met on 13/01 and 13/02. They are developing a website and wish for information about any clubs or schemes in the area to put on the website. This especially needed from clubs that receive funding from the windfarms. Rhododendron clearance is ongoing in Jenna Morra wood.
Kirkcowan Playpark. 3B construction are so far the only company showing interest and have been given the development plans drawn up by Kelda. They have been asked to provide estimates for the work, but with no specifics of equipment needed. A public meeting will be held at a later date. Some concerns voiced that everything is still very vague, the original detailed plans need to be located.
Post Office/Shop KCDT have asked the Post Office for a detailed 6 month report. No better options have yet been found other than the one currently in place for keeping the Post Office and Shop open.

6. Correspondence – None previously circulated significant for discussion.
– Best Kept War memorial – suggest that any interested party contact KCC for information.
– Mary Harkness will attend the meeting of Machars Action Federation on 28th February 23.

7. KCBC vacancies: Kilgallioch Community Benefit Company- Two vacancies exist for members from the Kirkcowan Community Council Area. Proposal – to invite volunteers to come forward. Agreed to put out advert inviting expressions of interest. Once Kirkcowan membership of KCBC is at full strength (10 members), KCC will nominate a new Area Director to fill the post vacated by Richard Marsh.

8. Arecleoch Windfarm Extension 19 Jan 2023 – Hazel Matthews and Mary Harkness attended a meeting with SPR (Scottish Power Renewables). Kirkcowan is now included as a stakeholder in the catchment area for benefit. Various options to be agreed for the proportion of benefit funds between the 7 community councils in the benefit area.

9. Kilgallioch Windfarm Extension SPR meetings with CCs in benefit area – this is now in early stages, Kirkcowan already benefits from funds from this windfarm. Mary H will provide updates as meetings progress.

10. Future Events The following are agreed:

– Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday 8th April.

– Coronation Weekend. It was agreed that the Fun in the Park event remains scheduled for June 17th and will not be brought forward to coincide with the Coronation. Any person or group of individuals who wish to organise a community event can contact the KCC who will assist in seeking funding.

– Scarecrow Trail in May – date to be confirmed.

– Halloween Pumpkin Trail and Party 28th October.

– Remembrance Sunday 12th November, wreath laying at the War Memorial.

– Christmas Lights Switch on and Xmas Extravaganza in December- dates to be confirmed.

**The Council needs people willing to assist in organising any of these events. **

11. Any Other Business

– D&G Council unable to fund any new works to the verge on the Newton Stewart Rd.

– Balgreen Football Ground, it is confirmed that KCC does not own it.

– Kevin Dean highlighted the need for Stagecoach to put up new bus timetables at the bus stops as new services have been added.

– Cllr Katie Hagmann reported: New D&G Council plan and budget setting due at the end of this month. – A temporary Head for Douglas Ewart is being recruited. – 3rd March A75 and A77 Impact Assessment is due. – An Elected Members Report will be included in future KCC meeting agendas. – NHS are seeking views of local people about the future of local NHS provision.
Survey link (now closed)

Meeting closed at 21.50


KCDT Grant Applications: 1st Kirkcowan Rainbows – application for grant towards Hall fees and Guiding subscriptions for 2023. £1,237. Voted upon and majority approved.