Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

Minutes of KCC meeting 20th June 2022

Draft Minutes
Kirkcowan Community Council Village Hall  20th June 2022  7:30 pm

 In attendance:- Hazel  Johnson, Mary Harkness, Mary Mackenzie, Mary Murdoch, K. Dean,  Debbie McBain, John Drysdale, Robert Drysdale, Catherine Gray, Charles McEwan, David Inglis, Richard Marsh, Ove Hansen and Patricia Veevers.

1. Welcome:-  Chair thanked us for attending

2. Apologies:-  Andrew Gladstone, Hazel McWhirter and Katie Hagmann.

3. Minutes of last meeting: – approved John Drysdale and Patricia Veevers.
Matters arising: – War memorial plaque has been repaired. Street lights in Hamilton Cres, part of Church St and part of Newton Stewart Rd are out, Mary Harkness to report. Meadow Park is on the repair list.

4. Police matters: – Crime Update covering 16th May to 21st June presented.

5. Treasurer’s report: –
No.1 account £46.30, No.2 account £67,727.58
Outgoings:- Jubilee £1,566 plus insurance £60.61, Hall £145, Planters £290, accountant fees £138. Total outgoings £2199.70. Balance £2,919.76
Approved: – John Drysdale, seconded Kevin Dean.

6. Correspondence:-
a) Thursday 30th June – Community Engagement Day – D&G Community Safety Team’s trailer will be located in Victoria Street, Newton Stewart from 10:00 am to 4:00pm to give advice on items such as dog fouling, fly tipping, littering, neighbour disputes and mediation.
b) Road works with convoy system from 30th June until 10th July, 7:00 am to 9:00 pm on the A75 at Benfield for resurfacing.
c) Artfield wind farm is seeking government approval for an extension of 12 turbines, affecting Kirkcowan and New Luce. New Luce will wait to see if this is approved before arranging consultation. Kirkcowan will follow suit.
d) Mary H to ask why we were not notified of road closure to Main Street.

7. Planning:-No planning applications have been received.

8. KCDT report:- Last meeting 17th May at Machars Action. a) Proposed introduction of youth group, update of 23rd June. b) 6 tenders have gone out to manage rest garden, park and school projects, no replies had been received, the closing date was the end of May, update at next meeting.

9. Minute secretary vacancy:- New Luce have a paid position funded by New Luce Trust. KCC to advertise for a voluntary position. Hazel will write an advert with a closing date of the end of July.

10. Jubilee tree plaque and plinth: – It was agreed to use green canopy plaque in stainless steel. Mary H to order sign, Mary Mac to organise granite plinth on arrival of plaque.

11. Community Marquee use of: – 10m x 5m marquee purchased by the trust. It takes 1 hour and 4/6 people to assemble and 1 hour to dismantle, it needs to be decided if we should allow it to be hired to groups and individuals or just groups. The cost of hire and a refundable deposit to insure against damage also needs to be decided. The committee will meet again to decide after clarification from the trust.
12. Container and contents insurance: – Currently not insured, a quote of £374 has been received, Mary H to accept quote. Hazel has done an inventory and found some items to be missing or damaged.

13. Village Hall update: – After a meeting with the Trust it has been decided to take out a further 2 year lease giving time to sort out funding.

14. Christmas lights update: -Proposed lights are okay for windage. Scottish Power to be approached for permission and price.  Richard to ask Gillian Arnott of Scottish Power Renewables.

 15. Notice boards:-We need to resubmit planning application with precise measurements and a scaled drawing. John will measure. Tommy Wright will be asked by Mary H if he will do a scaled drawing.

16. CREPL corner garden update: – Council have approved plans and have offered to remove the step into the garden to allow wheelchair access. A quote has been received from T&J.  Richard can store the benches, slabs and other materials. We will have a site meeting to discuss plans and quote.

17. Fundraising: – Kevin will organise a dominoes competition at the hall on 1st October, Debbie McBain will help Kevin, Hazel will book the hall.

18. Dickie Wood path: – Andrew will be asked at the next meeting if horses are allowed to use the path.


Resilience – Mary H is waiting for information from the Council on the new plan, we will continue with the current plan. A list of missing and damaged items to be circulated to members, the possibility of donations. A meeting is to be arranged via Whats App for a resilience plan.

Jubilee event was successful and will be repeated. Hazel will approach the group that organised it for interest.

Kevin will fly the flag on 21st for the Duke of Cambridge’s birthday and on 25th for Armed Forces Day.

Tarff Rovers sports fund reportedly granted £500 in 2015? to a boy who was a member of  Queen of the South youth training programme for travelling expenses. Catherine Gray will apply to the committee for travelling expenses for football training. It will be discussed at the next meeting.

There were no grant applications.

Date of next meeting 15th August.

Meeting closed at 10:25 pm.