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Minutes of KCC meeting 20th March 2023

Minutes of Kirkcowan Community Council Meeting20th March 2023

1. Committee Members present: Hazel Matthews (chair), Hazel McWhirter, John Drysdale, Robert Drysdale, Mary Harkness, Mary Mackenzie, Andrew Gladstone, Kevin Dean.

Public present: Jim Rae, Gill Kent, David Edwards, Liz MacMillan, Cllr Richard Marsh, Kath Googe (minute secretary)

Apologies for Absence -Patricia Veevers

2. Minutes of Last Meeting: One amendment – the estimate from JSF for provision of 2 rustic benches, and converting salt box on old railway line to a seat (£760) totalled £2,922 including VAT.

Amended minutes proposed by John Drysdale, seconded by Mary Mackenzie, agreed by committee.

Matters Arising

– Robert Drysdale is still seeking best price for replacement battery for generator.

– Cllr Richard Marsh will write to Stagecoach to request updated bus timetables be put at bus stops.

3. Police Report PC David Broadfoot attended and introduced himself. As there were no Police incidents or campaigns to report and he had a call to attend, he left before the meeting began.

4. Notified Public Concerns Vehicles have been parking right on the junction of Main Street and Newton Stewart Road causing difficulties for large vehicles to negotiate the corner. People are reminded to follow the Highway Code and park at least 20 metres from the junction. Offenders should be reported to the police with car registration numbers or names.

5. Reports and Updates:

Treasurers Report

No 1 account £46.30                                            No 2 account £21,816.64

Outgoings                                                             Income

Hall hire fees – £50.00                                          D&G Council – £300.00

M Harkness – ink – £44.36

Lady Haig Poppy Wreath – £42.40

D McCleary (Dyker) – £1,014.76

KCDT Report

No alternative premises found for Post Office/Shop

Playpark – no update

Website- almost ready to go live, still seeking information about all local groups.

Machars Action Report

The employment contract with Tom Rawlinson has been terminated.

Andrew Kerr-Sutherland and Muriel Sneddon have been co-opted onto the committee.


Application for rear extension at 21 Meadow Park.


Railway pathThe safety barriers have been erected on the bridge. Andrew Gladstone concerned at the high price quoted by JSF for the rustic benches and converting salt box to a bench. He will query this and if necessary consider other options.

Thomas’ Dam to Barnearnie path (phase 2)

AG is in the process of obtaining estimates for fencing, groundworks and the construction of a bridge across the Ballochbrae Burn so that an application can be made to KCDT for additional funding for a path which will follow the river bank avoiding the need to walk through a silage field , with a view to the work being carried out in the summer. In the meantime, it was agreed that KCC should pay for some work to cut back trees and bushes along the route of the path before they come into leaf, using KCDT funding already in place for footpaths.

Station road path

AG to contact JB Black and ask them to sort out some minor defects before passing on their final invoice for payment.

Teapot Lane

Some work has been carried out to clear the vegetation off the paths and once the ground dries up , some more type 1 hardcore will be spread to restore the paths after surface water damage. Two slats will be dug in at the T junction to divert water off the paths and pipes installed through the dyke to prevent water washing down the path in heavy rain. This work funded by KCDT grant. AG has arranged for Community Payback to strim the paths twice yearly in future, for which a small donation is required.

Grass paths through fields and the railway path.

AG recommended that these are cut with a heavy duty mower 3 times a season and he will get a couple of quotes from contractors for this work, to apply for KCDT funding.

Church Street Corner Garden – see CREPL grant

Easter Egg Hunt 8th April

Hazel Matthews arranging. Starts 1pm from the Village Hall. Easter Bunny attending.

Fun in the Park 17th June

Working party booking Bouncy Castle, & arranging children’s activities (tug of war, face painting) BBQ and Marquee with Bar. 2022 event was free of charge. A charge for food this year is under discussion. KCC could support the event financially.

An Evening event is being planned, entry by ticket. Details later.

Elected Members Report  – (Cllr Richard Marsh)

Major change at D& G Council, after the coalition and SNP members resigned, Conservatives now in control after Emergency meeting on 7th March . 

The Federation of Community Councils has had a meeting.

Potholes – keep reporting them to the D&G Council through their website.

6. Correspondence

– D&G Spring Clean. Litter Pick agreed for Sunday 23rd April, meet 2pm at church. Posters asking for volunteers. All equipment will be provided.

– Nationwide Emergency Alert being introduced by the Govt. On 23rd April a test alarm signal will be sent to all mobile phones. In future this will be used to alert to flooding, wild fire etc.

– Driftwood Cinema – Applying for grant to purchase a portable stage for use around the Machars. – asking for letter of support  – Agreed.

– Katrina Dick, Newton Stewart Initiative requesting a donation towards cost of firework display. Agreed she needs to apply to KCBC who distribute funds.

7. KCBC vacancies

– KCBC (Kilgallioch Community Benefit Company) There are 2 vacancies. KCC can nominate individuals to join the KCBC who then approve people. KCC agreed to canvas for people and explain the purpose of KCBC.

8. CREPL grant

2020 grant – As we are unable to proceed with the Church Street Corner Garden due to difficulties obtaining the number of slabs, it is essential to resubmit a different application for 2020 grant. It was agreed to request funding for 2 rustic benches, the salt box seat and the 7 footpath finger signposts, in addition to the salt spreaders and insurance for the container.

2021 Grant – CC will work on the plans already agreed for the Corner Garden and possibly a hardstanding area around the Christmas tree in the Rest Garden . AG will meet John Drysdale to discuss this proposal.

9. Heating in the Village Hall

4 of the infrared heaters do not work. There have been complaints from users of the Hall that it is too cold. The hall belongs to D&G Council and they are responsible for repairs.  Hazel Matthews, Chair of KCC will write to the Village Hall committee (Mary Harkness) and ask what can be done to get the heating repairs done quickly.

Cllr Richard Marsh will separately write to the D&G Council department responsible asking them to make the necessary repairs as soon as practicable.

10. Any Other Business

– In response to a query from Richard Marsh, AG confirmed that a small parking area will be made inside the gate into Jenna Morra wood at Johnstone bridge . As there is an existing gate and hardstanding there is no need for planning consent.

– Kirkmabreck CC looking to hire a marquee. No contact yet with KCC.

– Dog Fouling.  Extra containers and dog poo bags have been put on Teapot Lane and at the Railway path. We give thanks to the person who has done this.  It is necessary to report dog fouling to the Dog Warden, but 2 witnesses are needed and some identification of the culprit.

– Kevin Dean presented a list of the proposed dates for flying the Union Jack commencing on 9th April for King Charles and Queen Camilla’s wedding anniversary, and 23rd April for Prince Louis birthday.

Future dates will be recorded in the minutes of the CC meeting of the appropriate month.

Meeting closed at 21.30.

NEXT MEETING 17th April 2023

KCDT Grant Applications:

Kirkcowan Village Hall – application for grant of £183 to cover purchase of eggs, bonnets and games equipment for Easter Egg Hunt on 8th April. Kirkcowan Art Club donating crafting items and KVH providing Easter items remaining from 2022.

This grant request will go forward to the next KCDT meeting for approval.