Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

Minutes of KCC meeting 20th September 2022

Draft Minutes, revised 27/09/22

1   Attended:– Hazel Johnston, Mary Harkness, Mary Mackenzie, Andrew Gladstone, David Edwards, Tricia Veevers, Charlie McNeill, Kevin Dean, Robert Drysdale, John Drysdale, Richard Marsh, Colin Richardson, Mary Murdoch, Charles McEwan, Jim Rae, Joe Wright, Kate Herkes, Les Mercer, Kath Googe, Martin Marsh

2   Apologies:- Hazel McWhirter, Cllr Katie Hagmann

3   Minutes of last meeting:- Approved, proposed John Drysdale, seconded Robert Drysdale

Matters Arising:-
Some street lights are still not working, and have been reported again, 1 in Meadowpark and 1 on Newton Stewart Road, there are others but these are new to the list.

Mary Mackenzie has the QGC plaque & granite base, ready to place at the tree.

Planning approval for the notice boards not received yet, we were given a date of 22nd September and will folllow up after this date if still not received.

Sam’s Bird – a volunteer, who wishes to remain anonymous, has offered to trim the topiary bird up Wellhouse Road.

Beetle Drive for 1st October* – still needing more organising, other members of the CC are unavailable, it was decided to discuss further after the meeting ended, just as the CC, to make final more precise arrangements. *(Since moved to 8th October)

4   Police Matters:-   Report received.

Concerns about a vulnerable person referred in August and twice in September.

3 Lochs holiday park, concerns received about a vulnerable person

Safety Tutorial for young people accessing online websites and social media.

5   Treasurers Report:-

No 1 Account £46.30 | No 2 Account £65,631.22

Expenses:        2 benches   £798.00 + Hire of Hall  £117.50 =  £915.50

Balance remaining for KCC  £2,072.05  

6   Correspondence:-

Notice from AMEY regarding temporary closure of A77 between Stranraer and the junction before Cairnryan

7    Planning Approvals:-

 Ashley Bank – for air source heating

 Waulk Mill – 3 units of holiday accommodation and car park

 Rockland  extension to house.

8   KCDT Report:-

Playpark. KCDT are still waiting on a 3rd party to tender for the project. No plans have been submitted to any party for approval. Once they have full size draft plans a public meeting will be held to show the proposals. It is thought that there shouldn’t be need for many changes as these were put together from the formation of the steering group. Charles McEwan voiced concerns about the lack of communications to date.

Youth Club – Lynne Melville is seeking input from the parents of young people in the village to assess interest in a youth group before taking the project any further.- ongoing.

9   Shop and Post Office:-

Hazel explained the background to the arrangements for keeping the shop and Post Office open after 31st August.  There had been no KCC meeting in July when the options could have been discussed. So the committee had liaised with each other to come to a decision over which of the 5 options could be put forward for KCDT to support. A secure building, internet access, and installing the Post Office Horizon software and training and appointing a postmistress are all required.

The arrangement is that the KCDT will use funds held from windfarm to pay the salaries of the 6 staff in the shop for 1 year. Machars Action Group are responsible for paying staff on behalf of KCDT. Shalla Gray remains responsible for all other things connected with the day to day operating of the village shop and PO

It was agreed that this was a pragmatic and practical solution as the Post Office and shop are essential to serve the village. The shop is open 59 hours per week. 

Joe raised the question would other businesses in the village be considered essential  eg the pub, would they get financial support if needed. Charlie McNeill on behalf of KCDT replied that any other applications would be looked at on the same merit as the shop/PO.

10   Halloween:-

Will be celebrated on 29th October, with a pumpkin trail, a fancy dress competition and possibly a party.  Need a different judge this year. Funding could be applied for, and liaison with Rainbows, and PTA required.  To save children door knocking it was suggested that householders could put a box of treats etc outside their door the same as they did last year.

11  Footpaths:-

Andrew Gladstone reported the contractors are making the gravel path along the roadside verge as far as Old Land, the path will then follow the line of the field similar to the path down Wigtown Road to Johnstone’s bridge.  A gate will be installed by the turning to Barnearnie/Mindork. Eventually linking Balgreen to Barnearnie but 2 bridges are needed.

Concerns were raised by John Drysdale, and backed up by Jim Rae, and Robert Drysdale about the levels of the new path along the road to Old Land as the way it is being done the path will be under water. Jim Rae agreed to make a site visit with Andrew and the contractors to ensure that this will be rectified.

Hardcore is to be put down along the path within The Glebe field.

There were concerns that the path at the end of the old railway line towards the field needs more stone as it is very boggy.  Jim Rae also agreed to visit this site with Andrew.

Andrew advised that he will arrange for a tractor mower to cut the vegetation yearly on this path.

Any Other Business:-

The Corner Garden:  The committee agreed that one colour of slabs (grey) is acceptable, so that Tasha can order them and get the invoices submitted. It was asked if this would be done before Christmas to allow the CC to submit a report how the monies have been spent.  The timescale when the work is done will depend on the builder’s diary and the weather.
Two teak coloured plastic benches have been delivered and are being stored by Richard.

It was asked if 1 or 2 seats could be installed along the railway path to take advantage of the view. With discussion it was suggested that something more rustic could be considered, such as a tree trunk, or like Andrew put in the Dickie Wood. Andrew will look into this.

Jenna Morra Wood:  Andrew reported the consultant is to provide the assessment and 5 year plan for development of the wood soon. Mary Mackenzie is keen that the Community Woodland  Association be invited to make a presentation to a public meeting.

Complaint:  Kevin Dean raised a complaint made to him about a private party in the garden of the Craighlaw Arms.  Agreed that this is a civil matter, not for the community council.

Meeting Closed @ 9.10pm

Grant Applications

Curling Club, to cover the cost of Ice rink fees for the season – £892 – KCC approved

Carpet Bowling Club Request  to cover the cost of hall fees 2022/23 season and a 50% contribution towards more equipment, the club are funding the other 50%, required due to increasing membership – £989.97  – KCC approved

Next Meeting 17th October at 7.30pm