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Minutes of KCC meeting 21st August 2023

Kirkcowan Community Council Meeting on 21st August 2023 in Kirkcowan Village Hall

1. Council Members present – Hazel Matthews (Chair), Mary Harkness (Sec), Hazel McWhirter (Treasurer), Robert Drysdale, John Drysdale, Mary Mackenzie, Andrew Gladstone, Kevin Dean
Public present – Mandi Emslie, Gill Kent, Norma Bodle, Jim Rae, William Harkness, Cllr Richard Marsh, Kath Googe (Minute Sec)
Apologies for absence – Cllr Katie Hagmann, Cllr David Inglis

2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising – Minutes previously circulated. Re request for more litter bins – MH contacted D&G. Two extra bins now in situ – on Wigtown Rd and up Wellhouse Rd, with the reminder that bagged dog waste can be discarded in any general waste bin situated on a public road.
Approval of minutes proposed by Robert Drysdale, seconded by John Drysdale and agreed.

3. Police Report – no report received, and no police officers present at the meeting.

4. Notified Public Concerns
Secure Dog Park Presentation by Mandi Emslie
Ms Emslie (ME) advised the CC that she has spoken to over 30 dog owners in village, and has found support for a secure fenced and gated area where people can exercise their dogs off the lead, in safety. She stated that she has a Facebook Group – Kirkcowan Dog Secure Park Project which has 31 members. The fence needs to be 8-10 feet high and the group need to have access to sufficient land, before raising funds for fencing and gates.
ME asked CC if such land was available in the village. CC advised that Balgreen would not be available to the group as it is owned by the Scottish Football Association and is currently used for grazing sheep, however the grassy area in Teapot Close might be suitable and is owned by D&G Council. It was suggested that the group contact D&G to ask permission to use this land. CC knew of no other available land.
CC also advised ME that the group would need to become a formal group with constitution, office bearers, and bank account with a suitable piece of land available to them before they could apply for funding by the KCDT or other sources.
Addendum 21/8/23:
MH is currently seeking to clarify ownership of Balgreen – SFA v Tarff Rovers FC

Potholes and forestry debris on the roads the C22W – Jim Rae
J.Rae and N.Bodle have noted that the timber wagons carrying extracted timber along the Gargary are knocking down walls, and leaving debris along the road, causing much damage and a hazard particularly to cyclists. Cllr Marsh offered to observe this for himself and bring it to the attention of D&G Roads Dept. Mr Rae was advised to take photos and send them to CC Sec for forwarding to D&G.

5. Reports and Updates –
Treasurers Report –
Fun in the Park- raffle, teas, etc. £ 1,385.00
KCDT grant for CC Insurance/Hall fees £ 697.80
KCDT grant for Footpaths £ 9,723.60
D&G grant for Halloween/Xmas Event £ 300.00
Total: £ 12,106.40

Keegan & Pennykid container insurance £ 497.80
K. Gordon – Stone trough repair Wigtown Rd £ 200.00
Montpelier Accountant £ 144.00
Hall Fees (inc. Fun-in-the-Park) £ 185.00
2 Gazebos (Fun in the Park) £ 512.99
JS Fencing – Footpath signs £ 166.68
Total: £ 1,706.47

Bank Account Totals:
No 1 a/c £11.30
No 2 a/c £26,488.62
H McW confirmed CC accounts held at Bank of Scotland. All monies in No 2 account are held for the different Community Council’s projects.

KCDT Report –
* Playpark – Two suppliers have been contacted to provide costings for the play equipment specified. KCDT granted contract to one of them – Jupiter Play and Leisure is now the preferred provider. Next step is application and granting of planning permission.
* Autumn Club have asked for help with funding for a community minibus.
* KCDT website is not easy to find on the internet. Advised to share the URL and a link can be made from the Kirkcowan Community website.
Addendum 22/8/23: The web address is

Footpaths Update –
* Strimming of footpaths has been started, not yet completed. Work carried out by Community Payback Team.
* AD Tool Hire has submitted invoice for work to Teapot Close, scraping path and removing vegetation.
* All paths have been mown and will need final cut in the autumn, and all footpath signs received have been erected. It was agreed that further safety barrier needed on railway path where it passes over the burn. AG agreed to arrange this with JSF.
* Thomas’s Dam to Barnearnie to Mindork Rd path completed but 2 members complained that bridge too narrow for well- built walkers to cross. Agreed that AG to contact JSF to widen the bridge. Vegetation will need controlling next year. It was agreed 4 signs needed to cover the length of this path and AG to arrange.

6. Elected Members Report – Cllr Richard Marsh
* D&G Council have 2 public consultations ongoing – Review of Burial Grounds and Future Shaping for Schools. Cllr Marsh encourages people to take part in both conversation and survey, both found on DumGal website and close 25th August.

7. Correspondence –
* Hard of Hearing Clinics – new dates and Help with Heating Scheme (provision of firewood and kindling for open fires). Posters for both will be put on the village noticeboards.
* Blair Hill and Glenverroch – Preliminary applications for 2 new Windfarms have been publicised. Both located North of Newton Stewart, adjacent to the A714.
* Complaint from resident that wheelie bin not emptied,. Bin put out after 9am. The Council request that all bins are put out by 6.30am on day of collection.

CC still struggling to find a contractor willing to do the work at the Corner Garden at the top of Church Street. In order to progress with the grant applications Cllr Marsh proposed the CC buy the slabs, gravel and weed barrier – he will store them. The invoice for the slabs etc can then be submitted to CREPL.

9. Any Other Competent Business –
* J. Rae – Need for seating/picnic bench near the Village Hall.
* Bus Timetable – Now available online. Suggested that CC could print a copy for each bus stop until Stagecoach’s own printed timetables are available.
* Potholes – Some have been repaired. Some still need to be reported to the council.
* KD – Mr Andrew Kerr-Sutherland, chair of the Federation of Wigtownshire Community Councils has asked to visit KCC for a meeting. KD to ask Mr Kerr-Sutherland to contact Secretary to arrange.
* Union Flag Flying Days: 8th September – Accession Day

Meeting closed at 21.10
Date of next meeting Monday 18/9/2023

KCDT Grant Applications:
KCC – £697.80 – hall fees and container insurance.

KG 26/8/23 1