Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

Minutes of KCC meeting – 21st June 2021

Kirkcowan Community Council Meeting – 21st June 2021
at 7.30pm, online via Zoom, due to continuing Covid19 restrictions

Draft Minutes

Present: Charles McEwan (Chair), Hazel McWhirter (Treasurer), Joe Wright (Deputy Chair), Mary Harkness, Andrew Gladstone, Kevin Dean, Les Mercer, Tricia Veevers, Mary Mackenzie (Minutes), Hazel Johnston, Katrina Dick, Bill Harkness, Wendy Wood, Jane Markwell, Brian Melville, Councillors Katie Hagmann and Jim McColm.

  1. Chair welcomed everyone
  2. Apologies: Cllr J McCamon
  3. Minutes of the last meeting (17/05/21):
    Minutes accepted: proposed by K Dean and seconded by JW
  4. Police Matters: nothing to report. (A road traffic accident has just occurred near Craichlaw, with serious injuries to the car driver. Ambulance in attendance)
  5. Treasurers Report:  HMcW – Account no.1 has £11.30 – £35 spent on Data Protection
    Account no.2 has £12,790.14 – of which £4,627.26 is the Sports Fund
    Outgoings:  £471.51 – comprising £19.95 fuel for generator; £221.56 to B Marshall for generator repairs/maintenance; £230 for plants.
  6. Correspondence:  none
  7. Local Planning Applications: none

KCC Newsletter: MM -Due to be printed this week, a draft had been circulated to all KCC members for comments or additions. To be sent out with the KCDT newsletter to all households in Kirkcowan parish as soon as possible. All accepted.

Coffee Morning: MH – The planter group are planning to hold this event in the village hall on the 31st July. Due to Covid regulations there will be a maximum of 40 people allowed, seated at tables, so booking will be necessary – Cathie Paterson will be the contact. £4 per person, raising funds for autumn planting.

Scarecrow Festival: MH – Following a suggestion on Facebook from a local resident, it had been considered holding this event along with the Flower Show in September, but that won’t be going ahead this year. Residents in the community will start organising the Festival in the spring next year instead, and may come to KCC for help with funding.

U3A Music Group: CMcE – Group has hired the village hall for a meeting on 7th July, with Peter Marks talking about and playing recordings of classical music.

Footpaths: AG – has a quotation from an Ayrshire company, with the revised specifications for the railway line and Wigtown road paths. Other quotes will be needed in order to apply for funding from KCDT. Tree planting, hopefully involving the local schoolchildren, will be included in the project. A map of the proposed route through the Glebe to Johnston Bridge will be sent to Church of Scotland for approval. The aim is to have the works carried out over winter ready for spring next year.

Public Toilets: There have been comments & complaints on social media and in the village about the toilets being closed, and the fact that some visitors arriving to use the facilities are in a desperate state, with some relieving themselves behind the hall instead. MH -The Hall Board does not have the finances to meet Covid safety & cleaning requirements, amongst other considerations, so asks the KCC if they will take this on. The committee was asked for opinions and several viewpoints were aired. Suggestions were made to contact DGC for advice on how to proceed, and also apply to KCDT for funds as public toilets are a community benefit for locals and visitors alike.  CMcE will make urgent enquiries re. funds, insurance and cleaning, with a view to opening as soon as possible.

Notice Boards: CMcE – KCC previously agreed to the idea of installing 2 noticeboards in the village – 1 in the Park and 1 at the Hall. Depending on size and location, they may need planning permission, certainly if they are stand-alone, permanent fixtures. KH – contact Robert Lowther at DGC for advice. Funding could come either from KCDT or the CREPL grant. This project can wait until there is a design for the Park, and plans for Hall renovations are further on.

KCDT May Meeting: JW – Education Grant is to be finalised at the next meeting on Thursday coming. A maximum of £1000 will be available to applicants once they have a letter of acceptance for a specific course. | Katrina will be in the Autumn Club every Wednesday from 9 – 4 for any residents who would like to discuss projects or other issues | The Board agreed that future CREPL grant payments can be paid direct to KCC | KCDT will join the Development Trusts Association Scotland.

Steering Group: K Dick – Topographical survey will be carried out soon and will be sent to the landscape architect so that she can start on a draft plan for the Park.

Flagpole: JW has not yet seen J Parker about repairs. K Dean will take the Union flag home after tomorrow, wash and store it till next needed on Remembrance Day in November.

Vacancy to be filled:  A new Secretary is needed – could new members consider this position? CMcE also wishes to step down as Chair soon. No-one volunteering immediately, but as the next meeting isn’t until September, there is time to consider options. 

CREPL (Carscreugh Windfarm), Memorandum of Understanding: CMcE – the deadline has been extended for the relevant Community Councils to agree the MoU, before the grants can be progressed. A spending plan, involving a clear benefit to the community, will have to be completed before release of funds.

KCC engagement between meetings: for any matters that arise during the summer break, members can keep in touch via Facebook or email.

PA System: AG asked to borrow the community PA sound system which is stored at the school.

Grass cutting: K Dean asked who is responsible for cutting the grass at the Church, as it is very overgrown. DGC, but short staffed at present.

CM – Thanks for attending.

The next meeting of KCC will be on Monday 20th September 2021 at 7.30pm

The meeting closed at 8.52pm                                               Mary Mackenzie (Minutes Secretary)