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Minutes of KCC Meeting – AGM – 16th November 2020

Kirkcowan Community Council (AGM) – 16th November 2020

Minutes – Kirkcowan Community Council held on Monday 16th November 2020 at 7pm
Online via Zoom due to Covid19 restrictions.

Present: Andrew Gladstone (Chair), Hazel McWhirter (Treasurer), Debbie Mcbain (Secretary), Dave Mcbain, Charles McEwan, Dan Baillie, Mary Harkness, Mary Murdoch, Joe Wright Jnr, Richard Marsh, Katrina Dick, Wendy Wood, Tricia Veevers, Mary Mackenzie (Minutes).  Councillor David Inglis arrived later.

  1. Mr Gladstone welcomed everyone to the 2nd meeting online

  2. Apologies: Lesley Parker, Jackie Mortiboy

  3. Minutes of the last meeting (26/10/20):
    Minutes accepted: proposed by MH and seconded by DMcb

  4. Police Matters: No police present

  5. Treasurers Report:
    Account no.1 has £46.36
    Account no.2 has £13,249.73.    £654.70 has been spent since the last meeting on maintenance of the defibrillator, daffodil bulbs, poppy wreath, face masks & plastic gloves, and Zoom meeting.

  6. Correspondence: No correspondence
  7. Planning applications: None locally


Chairman’s Review:
New office bearers were appointed at the meeting on 20th October 2019. Three CC meetings were then held in November, December and February. During that time there was also a drop-in session in November to discuss options for the village hall, and another in January to discuss the Community Action Plan. A joint meeting of KCC, KCDT, Kilgallioch Windfarm Benefit Company and Foundation Scotland was held in January as an opportunity for members of CC to familiarise themselves with how the Kilgallioch wind farm funding process works and the relationship between the different organisations. The meetings scheduled for March, April, May, and June were all cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, as was the meeting in September. It was then decided to move to virtual online meetings and the first was held on 26th October. It has not been an easy year.

Election of Office Bearers: Councillor David Inglis assisted with this process.
Chair: Charles McEwan was nominated by Mary Murdoch, seconded by David Mcbain. Andrew Gladstone agreed to resign and welcomed Charles as the new Chair, with immediate effect.
Secretary: Debbie Mcbain wished to step down, but as no-one volunteered to replace her, she will remain as Secretary in the meantime.
Treasurer: Hazel McWhirter continues as Treasurer.
Representatives to Kilgallioch Windfarm Benefit Co.: Jackie Mortiboy & Richard Marsh
KCC Representatives to Kirkcowan Development Trust: Joe Wright & David Mcbain
KCC Representative to Machars Action Board: Joe Wright resigned, position remains open.

Items under discussion at last KCDT meeting
(JW – CC rep):Management groups are to be formed for the MUGA project and the Jenna Morra Woodland project.
More involvement from the wider community would be welcome.

MUGA (Multi Use Games Area)
Pre-planning reports have now been received for the 3 possible locations for the MUGA. As one of the main objections to a full MUGA is the intrusive, industrial look of high fencing & floodlights, a more acceptable alternative may be to investigate installing just the all-weather surface, either in the park, the field next to the school, or possibly even in the school grounds. DI indicated that we also have to consider ongoing maintenance, as deteriorating surfaces at existing MUGAs in other towns deter people from using the facility. KD pointed out that a prompt decision on the MUGA would allow the other developments in the park to proceed. JW, RM and Keith Service will work together to check what options are most feasible.

Kilgallioch Community Benefit Company meeting, RM attended as a member of the community – important to get projects happening soon and see that the funds are making a positive impact, both for KCBC and the community. DB questioned the 5-year timescale for some CAP projects and suggested that some quick actions should be taken, e.g. paths around the village. AG, as the landowner, is happy to look at various options for circular routes, including along the old railway line, dependent on the agreement of tenant farmers.

Village Hall: Stage 1 of Community Asset Transfer is ongoing and a business plan will be prepared. The Village Hall Committee AGM will be held, online via Zoom, on 1st December. The meeting is open to members only, but anyone in the community can easily join for free. More details in the Post Office, or from Secretary Moira MacDonald.

Planters: Charlie McNeil has been contacted and has agreed to carry out repairs as necessary. How are the plantings to be maintained? Buy in plants, a group of volunteers, involve the school? JW suggested different groups adopt a planter each and have a competition for best display during the Flower Show.

Balgreen Park: JM not present, so unsure if Galloway Thistle may still be interested in using it. The buildings need urgent attention to make safe – board up or demolish. Build new facilities? The pitch would also need to be restored. A number of residents have voiced concern about abandoning the football park given the long history & importance of Tarff Rovers FC to the community. Will get surveyor or builder soon to check what needs to be done.

Christmas Eve Service: Can’t have a gathering indoors or outdoors due to Covid19. Could carols be broadcast from the Church, Pub or Hall, or sung on doorsteps? A suggestion was made to ask a piper to play around the village. DGC money will buy selection boxes, to be given to school for handing out to the children. Tree lights at church will be put up by JW & CMcE.  HMcW suggested installing a Christmas Santa/reindeer decoration at the roundabout at the bottom of the village.

* Weeds in house gutters at Hamilton Crescent – MM reported problems a while ago, but DGC haven’t done anything about them, nor about grass overgrowing the path across the Park, making it much narrower than originally. CMcE will contact Council again.
* HMcW has bought 1200 daffodil bulbs, to be planted along Church Street & NS Road, (by Jim Kevin)
* Dr Sutherland’s retirement – £150 raised in donations – vouchers will be purchased and sent to her.
* DB suggested CC buys separate email addresses for councillors rather than use personal emails – more professional. Arrangements for informing residents of current news and events need to be looked at – the website, Facebook pages, email, posters etc. Compile a list of those who don’t use the internet and need printed information? Get 300/400 newsletters printed for volunteers to distribute around the village and surrounding area, or post out.
The meeting closed at 8.55pm

The Next Meeting of KCC
will be held on Monday 21st December 2020 at 7pm, again via Zoom.
All welcome. If you have questions about using Zoom, email:
 Mary Mackenzie (Minutes Secretary)