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Self-neglect and Hoarding

[Updated with working link 22/10/2020]

Dumfries and Galloway Communication and Engagement Standing Group are pleased to launch our local Self-neglect and Hoarding Strategy. This strategy is viewed as part of our public protection vision to reduce the risk of harm and improve the well being of our most vulnerable population.  Key partners across public protection were involved in the development of the strategy including Health, Housing, Social Work, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and the Third Sector. 

Lillian Cringles Chief Social Work Officer says the “launch of the self- neglect and hoarding strategy signifies the strengthening of our partnership and multi- agency approach to reduce the risks to individuals associated with self-neglect and hoarding.  Whilst we may come from a different starting point, when we collaborate together, we can manage and minimise the impact of risk whatever this may be, within our communities”

Click here to download the Self-Neglect and Hoarding Strategy

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