Kirkcowan – What's Going On?

Windfarms within 10 miles of Kirkcowan


Wigtownshire windfarms – existing & proposed, March 2013

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This map shows the position of existing & proposed windfarms in Wigtownshire, along with the numbers & heights of the turbines.
The sites in purple are either already in existence, under construction or have planning consent.
The sites shown in red are proposed windfarms still at the scoping stage.

Mindork, Shennanton, Airies, Glenchamber, Killgallioch, Auchleand, Airriequillart …

Kirkcowan could soon be surrounded by massive wind turbines, 300ft or more tall, not only in the hills to the north of the parish. A number of windfarms are proposed for the immediate area around Kirkcowan. These are at various stages of planning:

Scoping (the first stage in the planning process, in which the development company has identified a potential site and is gathering information to allow it to develop formal plans):

  • Mindork: 21 turbines each 125 metres (410 feet) high. Nearest turbine would be less than 1 mile of Kirkcowan village.
  • Shennanton: 11 turbines each 100 metres (328 feet). Nearest turbine approx. 2 miles from Kirkcowan.
  • Annabaglish: 14 turbines of 110 metres (360 feet). Nearest turbine to Kirkcowan approx 3 miles.
  • Auchleand: 14 turbines of 130 metres (426 feet). Approx. 4 miles from Kirkcowan.
  • Airriequillart: 18 turbines of 136.5 metres (448 feet). About 5 miles from Kirkcowan.
  • Gass Farm (Glenluce): 19 turbines, 126.5 metres (415 feet). About 5 miles from Kirkcowan.

 Already consented or in operation:

  • Airies: 14 turbines of 126.5 metres (415 feet). About 5 miles from Kirkcowan.
  • Glenchamber: 11 turbines of 126metres (413 feet). About 6.5 miles from village.
  • Artfield (+ Balmurrie extension): 22 turbines of 76 metres (249 feet). About 7 miles from village.
  • Carscreugh (Glenluce): 18 turbines of 70 metres (230 feet). 6 miles from Kirkcowan.
  • Barlockhart (Glenluce): 4 turbines of 115 metres (377 feet) + application for extension of further 4 turbines. 7 miles from Kirkcowan.
  • Kilgallioch: 96 turbines of 146.5metres (481 feet). About 9 miles from Kirkcowan.

If all these plans are realised there will be:

  • 46 industrial wind turbines within approx 3 miles of Kirkcowan
  • 111 turbines within about 5 miles
  • 266 within approx 10 mile radius of the village.

It is possible that there may be other wind developments planned which we are not yet aware of.